14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900K Gets a Perf Boost of up to 200 FPS with APO in Supported Games

Intel’s higher-end 14th Gen desktop processors boast an exclusive called Application Optimizer (APO) that drastically improves gaming performance in supported titles. Intel APO is a new policy within the Thread Director’s Dynamic Tuning Technology framework. It dynamically evaluates gaming workloads, directing resources in real time, per the requirements. We’ve discussed APO in an earlier post, but here, we’ll look at real-world performance.

Intel officially claims a 13% and 16% performance uplift with APO in Rainbow Six: Seige and Metro Exodus, respectively. However, benchmarks conducted by a Redditor show potential for much larger gains. You’ll need a 14th Gen Core i9-14900K or i7-14700K and the Intel Application Optimization app to unlock these hidden gains.

In Metro Exodus, the Core i9-14900K went from 273 FPS to 340 FPS at 1080p with the “Medium” quality preset. That’s a 24.5% uplift with a scheduler-related optimization.

Rainbow Six Seige gets an even bigger boost. At 1080p “Low,” the Core i9-14900K goes from 659 FPS to 867 FPS (average) with APO enabled. Yet another massive bump of 200 FPS or 21.5% with a scheduler optimization. I wonder just how much performance Intel’s hybrid chips are missing out on due to the lack of a well-optimized heterogeneous thread scheduler.

Source: Reddit.

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