14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900K to Cost $95 More than the 13900K, i7-14700K Gets $60 Pricier [Report]

Intel’s 14th Gen Core processors are on track for a fall release. The desktop lineup will be a rebrand (refresh) of the existing 13th Gen Raptor Lake-S CPUs, with slightly higher clocks and identical core counts. The Core i7-14700K/KF is the only exception, with 20 (8P + 12E) cores, up from 16 (8P +8E) cores on the 13700K/KF. It’ll also increase the L3 cache to 33MB, aligning with the increased E-cores.

The Raptor Lake-S Refresh flagship is getting the highest markup. While the Core i9-13900K debuted at $600, the 14900K will allegedly cost $695, a $90 hike. The Core i9-14900KF is expected to be priced at $660, $80 more than its predecessor.

The 14th Gen Core i7 family is getting a healthy multi-threaded upgrade with the addition of four E-cores. Yet, the 14700K and 14700KF are also $60 pricier than their 13th Gen counterparts. The former is expected to retail at $425 and the latter at $410.

The Core i5s are getting a $50 price hike, with the 13600K going from $330 to $380. The iGPU-less 13600KF will be succeeded by the 14600KF with an MSRP of $345.

These chips will be revealed in late September during Intel’s Innovation 2023 event. The unlocked K-series SKUs should hit retail shortly after, followed by the non-K parts early next year.

Source: momomo_us.

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