14th Gen Intel Meteor Lake CPUs May Leverage TSMC 5nm Node Instead of 3nm for Graphics, 4nm for CPU Compute Dies [Rumor]

Intel will be leveraging TSMC’s 5nm instead of the earlier promised 3nm node for its 14th Gen Meteor Lake graphics die. This info comes from Raichu on Twitter who has proved to be an extremely reliable source over the last couple of years. According to him, the 14th Gen compute dies already taped out in the third quarter of 2021 with the launch slated for the first half of 2023. This makes the use of TSMC’s 3nm process highly unlikely as the said process is yet to enter mass production (planned for the latter half of this year).


In case you weren’t aware, Meteor Lake will be Intel’s first modular (chiplet) design with four separate dies: One Intel 4 die for compute, one N6 die for the SoC, one 5nm die for the iGPU, and another for I/O.


Intel has already powered on the first Meteor Lake-P PCs. These systems will primarily focus on single-threaded performance and efficiency while leaving the core count unchanged. The Meteor Lake-S desktop processors will arrive sometime in 2023 followed by Arrow Lake-S the same year. Here, the focus will be on multi-threaded performance and high boost clocks. It’s possible that these chips will leverage the N3 process for the graphics die instead.

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