15th Gen Intel Arrow Lake-S P-Cores to Feature 3MB of L2 Cache Per Core, 50% Higher than 14th Gen

To counter AMD’s 3D V-Cache chips, Intel will beef up its 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S P-cores with even more L2 cache. With the 14th Gen being a Raptor Lake-S Refresh, this will be a welcome upgrade for gamers looking for alternatives to AMD’s Ryzen 8000 offerings. Like Alder Lake, Arrow Lake will be a comprehensive upgrade featuring a new process node, core architectures, and advanced packaging technologies (Foveros 3D).

The Arrow Lake compute die will be fabbed on the Intel 20A node, consisting of a blend of “Redwood Cove+” P-cores and “Crestmont” E-cores. The vanilla Redwood Cove cores will be stuffed with up to 50% more L2 cache per core, leading to sizable improvements in single-threaded and gaming performance.

We already know that the P-cores on Arrow Lake will drop hyperthreading in favor of the new “Rentable Units“. The increased L2 cache and higher core clocks will further solidify the single-threaded gains on Intel’s 15th Gen chips. Arrow Lake may be the first client family to feature AVX10, a superset that allows a wide range of advanced instructions, including AVX512, to run on both the P and E-cores.

Via: Bilibili/HXL

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