6 Social Casino Games You Should Be Playing

Casino games are designed to be social, so you shouldn’t be surprised that there are social casino games. In other words, they’re meant to be played with a bunch of people regardless if you’re playing them online or not. But what are social casino games and how are they different from regular casino games?

In short, social casino games are games you can enjoy on social sites. They rarely include real money which means you can enjoy them for free. In other words, these are great if you’re looking to play a casino game for the thrill of it or to improve your skills. And there are a bunch of them available online.

You can dive right into the sea of social casino games with these 6 suggestions:


This is an old and popular casino game that comes with a social variant. In its essence, it’s a card game that makes players compare hands to find out which is better. It comes with specific instructions as to which hands are higher and which are lower. There are many social poker variants such as video poker, Texas Hold’Em, and others. If you have a favorite kind of poker, then you can go for that social variant.

Vegas X

The best place to find a variety of social casino games is a social casino such as Vegas X. Players can sign up and play using this Vegas X promo code to experience it to its fullest. It has a variety of arcade games as well as over 500 games from top-tier providers. In other words, it has the right selection of slots, table games, and other social casino titles to keep you engaged. So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution then Vegas X is your best bet.


This is another interesting card game. You play it against the dealer and your job is to beat him. The key to this is having a card value of 21 or as close to it as possible. You and the dealer both get 2 cards and you compare them at the end of each round. Social blackjack is another popular social casino game that comes in lots of variants.


Social roulette is the next addition to popular social casino games. It comes with a wheel and some numbers. It will come with single or double zeros depending on the variant. Your task is to guess the number or color of the slot the ball falls into. Naturally, there are other kinds of bets you can place in social roulette versions. Whichever title you go for, you’re bound to have a fun time.


Some social casino sites will come with social bingo variants. Alternatively, some bingo sites will offer this kind of game too. You can play bingo for free on a variety of sites. They will come with 75 balls, 80 balls, 90 balls and more versions of the title. Each one can be quite fun.


Social slots are by far the most numerous of the bunch. They will come in all shapes and sizes which means these games will offer a variety of features and themes. You can go for a theme you’re familiar with like sci-fi or action or go for something completely different. Slots come by the pound in any social casino which is why they’re so popular. And they come with simple rules.


These are the 6 social casino games that will keep you entertained and engaged. Go for any title that seems to fit your description.

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