A new era in NaVi: what can we expect from the new roster?

Not so long ago, NaVi finally announced their new roster. These are Aleksib, iM, jL, S1mple and b1t. We already knew about five of these players a few weeks ago. Perfecto, electronic and npl no longer represent the NaVi team. We have prepared for you a review of this new composition.

Let’s take a quick look at how this happened first. A few weeks ago there was news from reliable sources that NaVi was switching to English, definitely removing npl. Perfecto and electronic were in question at the time. And when we first saw the information that Aleksib would become the captain, we were shocked. A month and a half ago, no one could even think about it. The rest of the players are more or less obvious.

Note that the team has already managed to play the first big tournament in the new configuration. This text does not take into account that speech.

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IM Profile in CS:GO team NaVi

IM – the leading opening of the last major; remember how Apex talked about him after the victory. The French captain said that this player simply destroyed them. He has insane accuracy and a great future. And it looks like the future has arrived. Although it’s hard to call him a young talent – he is 23 years old, he has changed two teams in the last 5 years (Nexus and, of course, Gamer Legion, where he made a name for himself by reaching the finals of the major). iM has no other successes. This year’s stats are certainly questionable, but frankly, they don’t inspire much confidence, especially when looking at the number of maps played against HLTV’s Top 20. This year there are 25 cards, last year – three.

He only played 28 maps in his career against HLTV’s top 20 teams, all at the age of 23. Yes, maybe he will play and win everyone now, but let’s be honest, he does not have much experience on the Tier-1 stage.

JL Profile in CS:GO team NaVi

The next player is jL. Another major opening in Paris. Also, for 23 years, like IM, he has not won anything, perhaps some Tier 2, 3 tournaments, and that’s it. His statistics are much worse than those of iM, but, in principle, quite adequate – 1.08 against the TOP-20 HLTV. However, he doesn’t have much experience either – 38 cards, and all of them were played this year. He has never played against the top 20 before.

So, we already have two pretty experienced guys who have been playing only in the Tier 2 or 3 scene for the last three or four years, showed themselves well in the Major and earned a place in NaVi. Plus jL speaks Russian, so it will be easy to communicate with him.

Aleksib Profile in CS:GO team NaVi

And finally, Alexib. On the one hand, he is an experienced captain. He has a huge list of top teams on his resume. But the problem is that he did not stay in any of them for long. It all started when they had a disagreement within Ence. This was followed by a period in OG for two years, then G2 for half a year, then NIP for a little over six months. And now NaVi. We’re wondering if he can even last a year, given the nature of S1mple and the full transition to English for S1mple, b1t and Blad3, it’s obviously not going to be easy.


On paper, the line-up is not a champion at all. Alexib, who hasn’t won anything for a long time, two players who have just shown themselves at the Major. How many of you heard about these guys a couple of months ago? And we didn’t hear. Two of them have less experience on the Tier 1 stage than one npl.

Perhaps these are hidden talents that just needed to be given a chance. On the other hand, they are already 23 years old, usually at this point the players are at the peak of their careers, but they are practically just starting. So people are wary of this composition. But NaVi has Blad3. He is called the smartest person in the pro scene, and it’s no coincidence. Obviously, these players have been tested for a very long time, the roles for them have been chosen, and, obviously, a lot of work has been done.

So, we have such a picture – the new composition of “NaVi” in English, with a new captain and two sensational shooters.

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