After Radeon, Malware Disguised as NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers Spotted

Following the unauthorized distribution of Radeon graphics drivers as Malware, NVIDIA’s GeForce GameReady drivers have gotten the same treatment. As spotted by ProHardver, the site “NVIDIA-Graphics” is posing as the official GeForce portal. Courtesy of Search Engine Ads, the counterfeit site appears ahead of the official one.

Scams and frauds like these are quite common. Several third-party sites dump their “installers” onto hapless users, loading a bunch of unnecessary software and, sometimes, even malware onto their PCs. Unfortunately, this is a common result across multiple reputed FOSS distributors.

Users should double-check before downloading drivers from the internet. The official AMD or NVIDIA website will always have the domain name “” or ““, with no other keywords before the “com” domain level. Many outlets recommend third-party anti-virus programs, but I beg to differ. Windows Defender has come a long way and should be more than enough for most users. I have been using it over the last 2 years and have never faced any issues.

Areej Syed

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