AMD 5nm Ryzen 7000 CPUs to Launch Next Month, Radeon RX 7900 XT by December 2022

AMD just reported its second-quarter earnings earlier today, boasting an increase of 83% and 131% in the net revenue and operating revenue compared to the same quarter last year. The chipmaker provided an update on its roadmap (a reaffirmation really) with Dr. Lisa Su confirming the launch of the 5nm Ryzen 7000 processors later this quarter, meaning September. The AM5 platform slated to launch alongside these chips will feature multiple high-end chipsets including the X670 and X670E.

AMD will be hosting a webinar tomorrow with all its major board partners with the aim to introduce the flagship X670E boards from various vendors. It’s being speculated that the initial details regarding the Raphael family will be unveiled during this session. Later this month the full specifications and the pricing should be announced during an online webstream. As September is the last month of the quarter, the Ryzen 7000 launch has to come before October.

It’s unclear whether AMD will stick to its focus on the high-end and release only the premium X series chips or the entire Zen 4 consumer lineup. Either way, considering the increased core counts and aggressive pricing of Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake chips ought to put some serious pressure on the midrange offerings.

Looking ahead, this quarter we plan to launch new 5nm Ryzen 7000 desktop processors and the AM5 platform into the market, delivering superior gaming and content creation performance.

Lisa Su, AMD CEO (via Seeking Alpha)

Shifting gears to the Radeon Division, Dr. Su also confirmed that the high-end RDNA 3 GPUs are set to land in the last quarter of the year. Initially, it was rumored that only the midrange RX 7700 XT would roll out in 2022 with the RX 7900 XT and 7800 XT coming out in December and/or January. She conceded that the chipmaker expects to see a drop in its GPU market share towards the end of the year.

While we expect the gaming graphics market to shrink in the third quarter, we remain focused on delivering on our GPU roadmap, including bringing our high-performance RDNA 3 GPUs to market later this year.

Lisa Su, AMD CEO (via Seeking Alpha)

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