AMD (66%) had the Highest Revenue Growth in 2021, Followed by NVIDIA at 62%; Intel at 1.5% [Counterpoint Research]

2021 was yet another year of stagnation for Intel. Just a short while after regaining the crown of the top semiconductor company from Samsung, the chipmaker has once again slid back to the second spot. The former recorded a growth of 30% in 2021 while Intel remained largely flat. The third spot was held by SK Hynix, followed by Micron and Qualcomm, all retaining their previous year’s positions. Out of these, Qualcomm was the most successful with a revenue growth of 52% in 2021.

NVIDIA was the next major success story of 2021, with revenue growth of 62% YoY. The combination of a strong gaming business paired with an ever-growing data center business helped Team Green overtake Broadcom and almost level with Qualcomm.

Finally, we have AMD at the 10th spot. Team Red recorded the highest growth among all semiconductor companies, growing by 66% in 2021. The chipmaker went from a yearly revenue of less than $10 billion in 2020 to $16.2 billion in 2021. At this rate, AMD will soon be among the top-five semi companies in less than two years.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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