AMD Announces Z1 Extreme for Handhelds: 768 RDNA 3 Cores and Octa-Core Zen 4 with 24MB Cache

AMD has officially announced its Ryzen Z1 series processors for handheld gaming consoles. Consisting of the Z1 and Z1 Extreme, these APUs are based on the Zen 4 CPU and RDNA 3 graphics architectures, focusing on gaming performance and long battery life. The ASUS ROG Ally will be the first Ryzen Z1 series device featuring up to the Z1 Extreme processor.

At AMD, we’re continually advancing the next generation of gaming experiences, from consoles to desktops to on-the-go handheld devices. Ryzen Z1 processors deliver gamers an elite gaming experience and extreme portability in exciting gaming form factors.

Jason Banta, Corporate VP and GM, Client OEM, AMD.
AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme8/1612 AMD RDNA 3 compute units24 MB
AMD Ryzen Z1
6/124 AMD RDNA 3 compute units22 MB

The Ryzen Z1 series processors will feature up to 8 Zen 4 cores and 16 threads alongside 12 RDNA 3 Compute Units and 24MB of L3 cache. Two different SKUs have been confirmed: The Z1 and the Z1 Extreme. The former features 6 cores and 12 threads alongside 4 RDNA 3 Compute Units (256 shaders), and 22MB of L3 Cache. The latter increases the CPU core count to 8, and the GPU shader count to 768 across 12 CUs.

Both SoCs support AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition, including AMD Radeon Super Resolution, Chill, Image Sharpening, AMD Link, and more. These features can boost performance with increased frame rates and responsiveness while helping extend battery life. Furthermore, every Z1 processor supports USB4 and LPDDR5/LPDDR5X memory for fast and storage transactions.

At Xbox, we put the player at the center by giving them choice on the experience and device that best fit their gaming needs. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate we’re bringing hundreds of games to new devices, including on-the-go gaming handhelds, and are excited to see AMD investing in new processors to grow this device category.

Roanne Sones, Head of Xbox |Hardware.

Ryzen Z1 Series Devices Available Soon 

AMD Ryzen Z1 processors will be available first in the Asus ROG Ally. Asus will announce more information about the Asus ROG Ally availability and pricing on May 11.

Having a great gaming experience doesn’t mean you have to be tied to a chair or charge. With the new Ryzen Z1 Series processors, we’re working with AMD to deliver the power, visuals, and efficiency needed to enable a superior portable gaming experience — whether you’re traveling, commuting for work, or simply want to game untethered.

Shawn Yen, Product Management Director, Gaming Business Unit, Asus.

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