AMD Details Ryzen 7000 Mobile Processors: 16 Core Dragon Range, and Zen 3+ Rembrandt Refresh

AMD has detailed the nomenclature of its upcoming Ryzen 7000 mobile family of processors. Much like the 5000 series, we’re looking at a diverse mix leveraging the Zen 2, Zen 3/Zen 3+, and of course Zen 4 architectures. The Mendocino stack featuring the Zen 2 core will belong to the 7020 series, aimed at the entry-level segment, followed by the Barcelo-R and Rembrandt-R refreshes targeting the midrange thin and light segment with their Zen 3 cores.

Finally, we’ve got the Zen 4 designs consisting of Phoenix and Dragon Range. The former will comprise up to eight cores across the 15-28W U, and the 35-55W+ HS and HX stack, respectively.

The naming has been greatly simplified to reflect the core architecture, performance segment, and feature level of the CPUs alongside the power envelope.

A 9W lineup of the Ryzen mobile family not requiring active cooling has been designed with the e suffix. All the Ryzen 7000 processors are slated for a CES 2023 launch.

Areej Syed

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