AMD Epyc Genoa “Zen 4” AVX512 Benchmarks Leak Out: Beats Intel’s Sapphire Rapids-SP While Drawing 360W

The inclusion of AVX512 instructions in AMD’s upcoming 4th Epyc Genoa processors is sure going to make heads turn. As more and more benchmarks of the Zen 4 chips surface, we’re getting a clearer idea of Team Red’s ambitions in the enterprise segment. Most leaks show Genoa beating Intel’s Sapphire Rapids-SP in AVX512 workloads, at least in the few accessible to insiders at the moment. YuuKi_AnS has shared the CPU-Z v2.01 AVX512 benchmarks of the Epyc 9654 (in 2S configuration):

We get a single-core AVX512 score of 687, marginally higher than what we’ve seen from Intel’s (ES/QS) Sapphire Rapids-SP earlier. The CPU had a relatively low occupancy rate of 44% and an operating frequency of 3.65GHz which explains the slightly lower multi-threaded score.

A bunch of Geekbench 5 tests of dual-socket 32 and 96-core Zen 4 chips have also been spotted. The Zen 4 Epyc part is nearly 2x faster than the Xeon Platinum 8480+ in the single-threaded Geekbench 5 benchmark. Keep in mind that the former is clocked significantly lower than its final retail speeds. The final deltas should be closer to the 30-50% range. In the multi-threaded segment, the Intel offerings barely edge past the AMD pair but let’s remember we’re comparing a 64-core (64 thread) system to a 56-core (112 thread) platform.

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