AMD Epyc Server Share Crosses 25% for the First Time as Intel’s Xeon Share Drops to 70%

Intel’s roadmap has slipped quite often in the last decade. The Xeon Data Center offerings are now running a whole generation behind, allowing rivals AMD and Arm to establish a foothold in the lucrative segment. Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Taipei, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su declared that the chipmaker had made unprecedented strides in the server market, crossing the 25% mark for the first time.

AMD held an “Innovation Event” in Taipei, Taiwan, with none other than Dr. Su addressing the keynote. During the press conference, she shared the company’s progress on the data center front and provided an update on the Instinct MI300. The AI accelerator is slated to launch in the last quarter of the year, building on the MI200 series family.

We did make good progress on our CPU business. I actually think our server market share is higher than 20%, … should be over 25%.

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD CEO.

A data center market share of 25% means that AMD gained 7-8% since the last quarter of 2022, increasing from 10.7% to 17.6% through 2022 and further to 25%+ in the first half of 2023. AMD’s overall x86 market now stands at 29.6%, while Intel is at an all-time low of 70.4%.

The AMD CEO acknowledged the importance of its partnership with TSMC, stating that the MI300 couldn’t have been designed without its assistance. She also denied rumors suggesting a production shift to Samsung Electronics, humorously asking reporters if they believed the Korean media.

NVIDIA is the dominant power in the AI GPU market with its A100 and H100 products. AMD hopes to catch up in the future, but as it stands, TSMC cannot even fulfill Team Green’s growing demand. Adding a second vendor with comparable capacity will surely be a tall order.

Source: DigiTimes.

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