AMD Graphics Veteran Reportedly Joins Chinese GPU Maker Birentech

Chinese GPU maker Birentech has announced that Chen Wenzhong, a veteran of the graphics industry has joined the company as a Senior Vice President. Wenzhong will be responsible for Birentech’s R&D division, spearheading the team that designs the future products of the company.

Chen Wenzhong is a 25-year old veteran of the GPU, with plenty of experience in the research and development of a wide range of graphics architectures, especially those leveraging HBM and focused on the HPC markets with high bandwidth and compute requirements. He has held key positions at AMD, S3, Trident, and Inprocomm over the course of his 25-year long career.

At AMD, Chen designed and executed many of the company’s recent graphics products, the most notable being Tonga (R9 285, 380 series) and Fiji (Radeon R9 Fury X), the first consumer GPU with HBM memory. In addition to this, he’s led a team of up to 355 engineers in SoC design, CAD, Memory, DFP IPs, etc.

  • Managed GPU SOC, Physical Design, DFT, CAD, Memory Controller IP teams in China.
  • dGPU SOC owner Oct 2014- Aug 2015 for more than 350 Engineers.
  • Taped out Fiji, Graphic Industry 1st HBM chip on time and A0 production.
  • Executed Tonga on time, 1st GPU hardware virtualization chip in AMD.
  • Taped out Iceland, AMD GPU 1st Global Foundry 28nm chip on time and A0 production.
  • Executed 6 discrete GPU SOC chips on time tape out. Including 4 productions in A0 silicon.
  • Grow the team from 35 to 355 engineers, Including CAD, GFX, Memory, DFP IPs, and SOC.
  • Lead End-to-End discrete GUP Execution in China, Expanding from ASIC IP/SOC to SW, Platform, Customer Engineering, and Production Engineering to cover the whole Radeon HD 7750 product cycle
  • Initiated and co-hosted GPGPU contest in China from 2008-2010.

Chen believes that China needs to have an internationally competitive graphics architecture, and plans to work with his colleagues on bringing his vision to fruition. Other notable members of Birentech include Chairman Zhang who was the president of Shangtang Technology and CTO Hongzhou who has worked with NVIDIA, S3, Huawei, etc. In addition, the software head Jiao Guofang was the R&D lead of five generations of Qualcomm Adreno mobile GPUs.

The first 7nm GPU from the company is expected to release later this year, with the next-generation products slated to compete with NVIDIA’s next-gen 5nm data center accelerators.

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