AMD Instinct MI300 to Feature Zen 4 CPU, CDNA 3 GPU, and HBM, Epyc Genoa (96C) in Q3 2022, Bergamo (128C) in Q1 2023, Genoa-X in Q4 2023 [Report]

Following yesterday’s leak from Moore’s Law is Lead, we have another massive disclosure from AdoredTV in the form of AMD’s extended server roadmap and a bit of info on its next-gen MI300 data center GPU. According to Jim, the Instinct MI300 will be an APU rather than a GPU. It’ll leverage TSMC’s 5nm process to pair Zen 4 CPU chiplets with CDNA 3 dies along with on-die HBM memory. The design is almost finalized and the tapeout is expected to be complete by the end of the month. The first chips are slated to begin testing in the third quarter of the year.

Coming to the Epyc CPUs, Genoa is slated for a Q3/Q4 launch with up to 96 Zen 4 cores and a TDP of up to 400W. Genoa will be followed by Bergamo in the first half of 2023 with up to 128 Zen 4c cores (less cache, low clocks) and a TDP ranging from 320-400W. These will be aimed at cloud providers presently using Arm solutions.

Finally, we have Genoa-X which will be the successor to Milan-X and feature a massive L3 cache. All these processors will come with 1P/2P SP6 socket support, DDR5 memory, 160 lane PCIe Gen 5, 64 lane CXL 1.1, and up to 12 PCIe Gen 3 lanes. Furthermore, Genoa and Bergamo will share the same I/O die, just different compute dies.

Speaking of Bergamo, the tapeout of the same is complete. Both Bergamo and Genoa will feature DMA engines to offload copy/transfer workloads. AVX512 is also reportedly supported with 90% of the performance offered by rival Intel designs. However, this will still be a mixed implementation with 256-bit load stores and an execution cycle higher than 1.

Genoa-X will be followed by Turin which will leverage the Zen 5 core architecture and TSMC’s 3nm node (tentatively). According to multiple rumors, it’ll offer up to 256 cores and “true” AVX-512 support. However, I’m willing to bet that that figure refers to Zen 4c/Zen 5c cores and the “big-core” count will be much lower.


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