AMD Luring OEMs w/ CPU Rebates for Featuring Ryzen and Epyc Processors in their PCs and Servers, Respectively

AMD is encouraging OEMs to leverage its processors in budget and flagship offerings by offering rebates and other benefits across the PC and server ecosystems. A new invite-only partner program, described as “aggressive” by top partners aims to educate vendors about AMD’s Ryzen and Epyc products, luring them with rebates, market development funds, and co-marketing programs among others.

Terry Richardson, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise veteran who became AMD’s North America channel chief last year, exclusively told CRN that the volume incentive rebate program is among several benefits in the new partner program for commercial systems that launched on Jan. 1. The program covers PCs using Ryzen CPUs and servers using EPYC CPUs from OEMs like HPE, Dell Technologies, and Lenovo.

Other than the obvious benefits, the partner program also includes training, sales, marketing support, etc. It also gives partners access to AMD’s engineers and executives which helps build a special connection with the chipmaker.

The program offers rebates on a per-CPU basis. Essentially, the more units they sell (and money they make), the more attractive rebates will they get. The vendors are divided by tiers, of which Elite and Executive are the highest. Partners are assigned a tier based on the annual sales figures of systems using AMD processors. The rebates also have training requirements and are higher for processors in the higher-end, especially those with higher core counts.

Areej Syed

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