AMD: Over 80 Desktop PCs Based on 4700S “Recycled PS5 SoC” Coming to OEM Market

A while back AMD’s 4700S desktop kit surfaced at various Asian retailers. According to preliminary analysis, was derived from salvaged Xbox Series X dies that didn’t make the cut. However, later on, it was confirmed by other publications that the mystery chip was actually based on discarded PS5 SoCs. AMD has now issued a statement to Tom’s Hardware that a total of 80 systems based on the SoC will be launched by OEMs and SI in the future.

The 4700S features eight Zen 2 cores with SMT, paired with up to 16GB of GDDR6 memory, running at notebook clocks. The integrated RDNA 2 graphics processor that powers the PS5 has been disabled, and the CPU can be paired with a midrange external graphics card. It features a single PCIe x4 2.0 slot which makes it inadvisable to use a higher-end dGPU with the system.

AMD, of course, didn’t confirm or deny whether the 4700S was actually based on the PS5 “Ariel” SoC, but it’s pretty much confirmed at this point.

AMD 4700S Desktop Kit is its own unique solution, designed to address the desire for robust, high-core count performance in the mainstream market – ideal for multitasking, productivity, and light 3D workflows. – AMD representative.

AMD representative to Tom’s

At the moment, Asian retailers in China and Taiwan are selling the 4700S desktop kit between $400-700, although if it does come to the US, it will almost certainly be priced a fair bit lower.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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