AMD Radeon Graphics Card Share Halved in the Last Year From 18% to just 9% at the End of 2022 [Update]

The PC market faced a major slowdown in 2022 as demand dropped by unprecedented levels, resulting in revenue drops and layoffs. The graphics card market suffered the most as the drought coincided with the mining crash. NVIDIA saw its gaming revenue fall to record lows, punishing the otherwise radiant stock. AMD was able to weather the storm better as server and console revenue offset the client slum.

Update: These numbers represent the dGPU shipments for the three quarters and not the market share.

The latest numbers from Jon Peddie Research highlight the true impact of the PC slowdown on GPU vendors. Discrete graphics card shipments plummeted by a whopping 50%, shrinking from 26 million in the last quarter of 2021 to just 13 million the succeeding year.

Interestingly, NVIDIA’s share in this malnourished pie actually grew by four points to 82%. AMD Radeon graphics card market share dropped from 18% in Q4 2021 to just 9% in Q4 2022. Unfortunately, the chipmaker released its RDNA 3 GPUs in the same quarter.

The overall GPU market (including iGPUs) behaved similarly, favoring Intel at AMD’s cost. Intel’s GPU shipments (mainly indicating CPUs) grew by 9 points YoY, from 62% in Q4’21 to 71% in Q4’22. Team Red lost 6 points, from 18% to 12% last quarter. It’s worth remembering that the bulk of AMD CPUs doesn’t feature an integrated GPU, so these numbers mostly indicate mobile Ryzen shipments.

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