AMD Partner ASRock to Increase Radeon Graphics Card Shipments by Double-Digit in the Second Half of 2022

The graphics card market has started returning to normal as Ethereum prices drop to pre-pandemic levels. According to AMD’s board partners, this process will be accelerated in the second half of the year as shipments of Radeon GPUs are consolidated. ASRock and TUL shared this info during their last quarter earnings report. Both AIBs are AMD board partners and plan on gradually scaling up graphics card shipments through the second half of 2022.

In addition to this, ABF substrate shortages are expected to improve significantly in the second half of the year as newer manufacturing capacity kicks in. ABF is a key GPU and CPU component and is going to further buoy graphics card shipments in the last two quarters of 2022. Post-Feb, the shipments of ABF substrates should start returning to normal, directly influencing GPU supplies in the coming months.

Despite the ongoing shortages, graphics card vendors (AMD and NVIDIA) continue to report record revenue figures, indicating the sheer demand for chips across various markets. In 2021, ASRock had to temporarily suspend its Vietnam fab due to a local COVID-19 outbreak, but after proper measures and safety guards, the fab has resumed normal operation. ASRock expects its graphics card shipments to register a double-digit surge and generate more profits this year.

Source: DigiTimes

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