AMD Renames the Zen 5 Strix Point CPUs to Ryzen AI 300 Series

AMD’s Zen 5 processors haven’t even been announced, and we’re hearing reports of internal branding changes. Recently, ASUS leaked the updated naming for the Strix Point mobile lineup, indicating a shift to Ryzen AI 100 to match Intel’s Core Ultra branding. Unsurprisingly, the move was widely disapproved. In another twist, it has been revealed (rumored) that Strix Point has been (again) renamed to the Ryzen AI 300 family.

The reasoning behind this second shift is quite straightforward: If it’s called 300, it must be better than the 100 range. Intel is set to launch the Core Ultra 200 “Arrow Lake” and Core Ultra 200V “Lunar Lake” processors in the fourth quarter. Why not one-up them by calling Strix Point the Ryzen AI 300 series?

Lunar Lake is going all-in into the AI PC scene, with a 45 TOP NPU, and over 100 TOPs for the entire SoC. From what we last heard, Strix Point will also leverage a 45 TOP NPU, but a lower overall platform throughput of 77 TOPs. Perhaps Strix Halo might hit the 100 TOP target with the combined might of the CPU, GPU, and NPU.

Source: Bilibili (via HXL).

Areej Syed

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