AMD Responds to Performance Issues Surrounding fTPM on Ryzen CPUs w/ Windows 11

AMD has finally responded to complaints on Reddit regarding performance issues and system instability on Ryzen processors with Windows 11. The fTPM module found on certain older Ryzen systems is the culprit. As per various users, the symptoms include periodic freezes, system instability, crackling sounds, and reduced performance in some gaming titles. According to users from Reddit and the LTT forums, AMD processors are suffering from reduced CPU and GPU performance with both Windows 11 and 10.

Both these issues go away if fTPM is disabled from the BIOS. However, as you may be aware, TPM is one of the primary requirements of Windows 11. AMD’s Ryzen processors suffered from a slew of performance affecting bugs back when the new OS launched. These included reduced L3 cache latency, less than optimal thread scheduling, etc.

The strange thing is that this time these issues are being reported not only on Windows 11 but Windows 10 as well. More than two weeks after the complaints, an AMD representative has reported that the problem is being investigated and a fix will be issued shortly.

Areej Syed

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