AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D to Challenge the Intel Core i5-13600K Under $300

AMD is set to launch another AM4 CPU in the form of the Ryzen 7 5700X3D at CES 2024 next week. A lower-binned variant of the 5800X3D, it should perform similarly at a lower price. The 5700X3D will feature 8 cores (Zen 3) clocked at a base clock of 3GHz and a boost of up to 4.1GHz. In contrast, the 5800X3D has a base and boost clock of 3.4GHz and 4.5GHz, respectively.

Like the Ryzen 5 5600X3D and the 5800X3D, the 5700X3D will 3D stack an L3 cache die atop the 8-core CCD. This increases the LLC to 96MB (32MB + 64MB) and the overall cache buffer to 100MB. Seeing that the boost clock is lower than the 5600X3D (4.4GHz), the TDP may also be reduced from 105W to 65W.

The Ryzen 7 5700X3D will cost somewhere between $250 and $300. Last we checked, the 5800X3D was priced at $359 and the Core i5-13600K at $283. Since the X3Ds perform similarly to the 13600K, we expect it to cost between $259 and $289. Remember that, unlike Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs, the 5700X3D will be compatible with cheap B450/B550 boards and entry-level PSUs.

AMD will hold its CES 2024 keynote on January 8 at 23:00 GMT, so expect more news next week.

Via: ITHome

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