AMD Ryzen 7000 “Phoenix” and “Dragon Range” Mobile Chips to Leverage RDNA 3 Graphics: Linux Driver

AMD has rolled out a patch for its Linux driver adding RDNA 3 APU support to the Linux platform. Support for the 45W Phoenix APU (gfx1103) was added with GC 11.0.1 a while back, and GC 11.0.4 introduces what likely is the high-end Dragon Range family. The patch also adds SMU IP v13.0.11 and PSP IP v13.0.11 support to the driver. The System Management Unit handles the SoC functions, including power states, boost behavior, firmware, etc. The Platform Security Processor manages the boot, initializes security processes, and monitors for anomalies.

The Ryzen 7040 (45W) and 7045 processors (55W+), codenamed Phoenix and Dragon Range, are slated for an early 2023 launch. As you may imagine, they will be paired with LPDDR5 and DDR5 memory, respectively. Phoenix will be a monolithic design like its predecessor and focus on efficiency, while Dragon Range will sport a 16-core dual-chiplet design to maximize performance.

Via: Coelacanth-dream

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