AMD Ryzen 8000 CPUs Beat Intel’s Core Ultra Meteor Lake Processors in Gaming and More

Gaming using the iGPU is still notably smoother on Ryzen processors.

The first reviews of AMD’s Ryzen 8000 “Hawk Point” processors are out. Although a simple refresh of the 7040 “Phoenix” family, these chips boast improved NPU (AI) performance courtesy of a higher-clocked accelerator. Notebookcheck tested the ROG Zephyrus G14 2024 (powered by the Ryzen 9 8945HS) and found it faster than the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H in many workloads, including gaming.

Lightly threaded workloads like Cinebench 1T favor the Ryzen 9 8945HS with a slight lead over the Core Ultra 155H even as the latter draws more power. The 155H scores higher in multi-threaded tests, even though CB 2024 runs notably better on the 8945HS.

Gaming using the iGPU is still notably smoother on Ryzen processors. The Radeon 780M is considerably faster than the Core Ultra’s Arc iGPU, beating it by up to 17%, 41%, and 16% in “The Witcher 3,” GTA V, and Final Fantasy XV, respectively. More popular titles like DOTA 2 see a small, single-digit deficit between the two architectures.

These tests go on to show that even though Intel has covered the gap in most workloads, iGPU gaming remains an AMD stronghold, not to mention a superior feature set consisting of RSR (Radeon Super Resolution), Fluid Motion Frames, Radeon Boost, Anti-Lag, and more.

Areej Syed

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