AMD Ryzen 8000 “Hawk Point” Mobile Processors Spotted

The first Ryzen 8000 processors from AMD’s next-generation CPU lineup have surfaced. Codenamed “Hawk Point,” they will form the lower and entry-level segments of the chipmaker’s 2024 APU family. Like Intel’s 14th Gen desktop (and much of the mobility skew), these chips are a refresh of Zen 4, retaining the CPU, GPU, and process node to deliver minimal generational uplifts.

The three SKUs spotted on the Geekbench 6 database include the Ryzen 9 8940H, the Ryzen 7 8840HS, and the Ryzen 8640HS. Derived from Phoenix Point, these processors range from hex to octa-core parts, with an RDNA 3 iGPU in tow. Each Zen 4 core packs 1MB of L2 cache and 16MB of L3 per 8-core CCD.

Like Phoenix Point, these are all homogeneous designs based on a single core architecture. These chips are expected to roll out as the Ryzen 8000 lineup on desktops, marking the first AM5 APUs sometime in the coming months. It’s unclear whether they’ll consist of heterogeneous designs like Phoneix 2 or Strix Point.

Via Benchleaks.

Areej Syed

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