AMD Ryzen 8000 Hybrid G-Series Processors Releasing in Jan 2024

In an official blog post, Gigabyte has leaked the release date of AMD’s Ryzen 8000 G-series processors. The board partner revealed that the beta BIOS for the AM5 APUs is already out, and will be tested and validated in the coming weeks. The first official BIOS release for the Ryzen 8000 G-series chips will be rolled out in the last week of November.

November 10, 2023 –GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions, released the latest AGESA beta bios for AM5 next gen APU support on X670, B650, A620 motherboards. The forthcoming AM5 next gen APU will be launched at the end of January 2024.

The AGESA beta BIOS for AM5 next gen APU is now ready on the GIGABYTE official website, and the formal release will be at the end of Nov. Users can easily update the BIOS using GIGABYTE’s @BIOS, Q-Flash, or Q-Flash Plus technology.


The Ryzen 8000 G-series processors will leverage a hybrid core architecture comprising Zen 4 and Zen 4c cores. Codenamed Hawk Point, they can be thought of as Phoenix 2’s desktop counterpart. A total of four SKUs are planned, including a Ryzen 3 model.

Ryzen 3 8300Gx1 Zen 4 + x3 Zen 4c
Ryzen 5 8500Gx2 Zen 4 + x4 Zen 4c
Ryzen 5 8600Gx6 Zen 4
Ryzen 7 8700Gx8 Zen 4

The Ryzen 3 8300G will feature only one Zen 4 “P” core and three Zen 4c “E” cores. The Ryzen 5 8500G consists of two Zen 4 and four Zen 4c cores. The higher-end Ryzen 5 8600G and the Ryzen 7 8700G will ditch the 4c cores in favor of the high-performance Zen 4 cores, six for the former and eight for the latter. These APUs will be paired with RDNA 3 iGPUs packing up to 12 CUs or 768 stream processors. It’s unclear whether they’ll retain the Ryzen AI processors like their notebook counterparts.

If the Zen 4 AM5 APUs leverage the Ryzen 8000 naming scheme, then the mainstream Zen 5 CPUs will likely adopt the 9000-series naming. More on that here.

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