AMD Ryzen 9 7900 Beats the 7900X with PBO Enabled: Same Performance at $120 Less?

The other day AMD released its Ryzen 7000 non-X processors at lower price tags (and TDPs) compared to the earlier launched X series CPUs. Despite what marketing may have you believe, there’s almost no difference between the X and non-X variants. Out of the box, the latter feature slightly lower boost clocks and a TDP of 65W, but that can be changed in a single click.

As shown in the above shot, MSI and other motherboard vendors allow you to change the TDP and power limit on the non-X chips as well. Upon setting the TDP to 170W (same as the X series SKUs) and enabling Precision Boost Overdrive, we see the Ryzen 9 7900 gain a performance boost of 15%. The resulting Cinebench numbers put it squarely on par with the 7900X.

We see similar behavior from the Ryzen 7 7700. Although it ends up slightly slower than the 7700X in the multi-threaded segment, the difference is negligible and will vary from sample to sample. It’ll be interesting to see if these chips draw more power than their X variants in a given workload, as they’re lower-binned.

ModelCores/ThreadsBoost/Base FrequencyTotal CacheTDPCoolerSEP (USD)
AMD Ryzen 9 790012C/24TUp to 5.4 GHz / 3.7 GHz76MB65WWraith Prism$429
AMD Ryzen 7 77008C/16TUp to 5.3 GHz / 3.8 GHz40MB65WWraith Prism$329
AMD Ryzen 5 76006C/12TUp to 5.1 GHz / 3.8 GHz38MB65WWraith Stealth$229


Config TDP – Quick way to overclock 65W Ryzen 7900/7700 with PBO?
7700/7900 Cinebench R23 MT performance with Config TDP 95W/105W/125W/170W:
7900: 13% faster with 170W Config TDP. 9% faster with 95W.
7700: 3% faster with 170W.
(MB: MSI B650 Carbon WiFi, BIOS 110, AGESA

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