AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D V-Cache CPU Spotted in Ashes Escalation Benchmark with an NVIDIA RTX 4090

AMD’s Ryzen 9 7900X3D has been spotted in action for the first time, slugging it out in the Ashes Escalation benchmark. Featuring nine Zen 4 cores across two CCDs with a peak boost clock of 5.6GHz, it is expected to be one of the fastest gaming CPUs, displacing Intel’s Core i9-13900K/13900KS in the process. It’ll pack 64MB of L3 cache, stacked atop one of the CCDs for a total of 128MB when including the on-die SRAM.

The Ryzen 9 7900X3D will have a TDP of 120W, down from 170W on the 7900X but higher than the 5800X3D’s 125W. The Zen 4 3D chip was spotted in the Ashes Escalation benchmark database paired with the GeForce RTX 4090 and 32GB of DDR5 memory. The CPU was tested using the DirectX 11 APU at 1080p Crazy settings. Unfortunately, the resolution isn’t mentioned, making it difficult to compare against the competition.

The Ryzen 9 7900X3D and 7950X3D are slated to launch in at the end of the month for $599 and $699, respectively.

We recommend most gamers wait for the most affordable 7800X3D, slated to launch in April with an MSRP of $449. We have already discussed the possible ramifications of the 7900X3D/7950X3D having only a single V-Cache die. You can read more about that below:

The Ryzen 7000 3D V-Cache will bring back similar problems. AMD has essentially slapped a secondary compute chiplet without a separate cache die of its own. Therefore, games that use a single 8-core CCD will run just fine, but the few heavily threaded titles like 4X, strategy, and expansive open-word won’t fully benefit much from the additional cores of the second CCD.

AMD’s Ryzen 9 7900X3D and 7950X3D Won’t be Faster than the 7800X3D in Most Games [Report]

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