AMD Ryzen 9 7950X will Run at 5.85GHz with PBO, 500MHz Higher than the Intel Core i9-13900K [Rumor]

AMD’s next-gen Ryzen 7000 flagship will nearly hit the 6GHz mark on its fastest cores with Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) switched on. A leak from Weibo (via: HXL) claims that the Ryzen 9 7950X will have an out-of-the-box boost clock of 5.7GHz with PBO further pushing it to 5.85GHz. This gives it a slim lead over its Raptor Lake-S rival, the Core i9-13900K which is expected to have a peak boost clock of 5.8GHz.

The Ryzen 7000 processors codenamed “Raphael” will leverage the Zen 4 core architecture alongside TSMC’s 5nm process node to offer an IPC upgrade of 8-10% and substantially raised clocks. The CCD (chiplet) is internally known as Durango and the cores are labeled Persephone. Keep in mind that although the next-gen Ryzen CPUs will lag behind their Intel rivals in core count, they should still retain the gaming crown with an advantage in most lightly threaded workloads.

Speaking of Raptor Lake, a bunch of overclocked results has already started to pop up across the Chiphell forums. The Core i9-13900KF has been overclocked to 6GHz courtesy of a hefty voltage raise and across eight “P” cores. This chip was able to register stable runs of 3DMark and Dota which speaks volumes. We might very well get a Core i9-13900KS with a peak stock frequency of 6GHz. (Animalmedicalcenterinc)

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