AMD Ryzen 9000 CPUs Display Hefty Single-Threaded Performance in Leaked Benchmarks

AMD’s Ryzen 9000 processors are scheduled to launch by the end of the month. Leveraging the Zen 5 core architecture on TSMC’s 4nm (N4P) process node, we’re looking at the fifth iteration of the modular design introduced in 2017. The chipmaker boasts a 16% IPC uplift over the preceding Zen 4 microarchitecture, resulting in a performance boost of up to 23% and 56% in gaming and content creation, respectively.

AMD’s official figures place the Ryzen 9 9950X with a multi-core score of 2675 points (courtesy of 포시포시) in Cinebench 2024, making it nearly 10% faster than the Core i9-15900K/Core Ultra 9 285K in the simulation. That implies a 22% upgrade over the 7950X in the multi-core department. The single-threaded score is (currently) unknown.

Switching gears to Geekbench 6, we have the single and multi-core scores of all three Granite Ridge processors. Before proceeding, please note that while GB is a decent indicator of single-threaded performance (burst workloads), it’s a poor tool for reflecting the multi-core performance, including content creation, compression, encoding, etc.

Above, we have the Geekbench 6 scores of the Ryzen 5 9600X, the Ryzen 7 9700X, and the Ryzen 9 9900X. All three Zen 5 chips handily beat the Core i9-14900K, the previous top-ranked chip in the single-core segment, by 6-10%. They’re similarly ahead of their Ryzen 7000 predecessors with leads of 10% and above.

However, the multi-core performance is within the same ballpark as the Zen 4 offerings. We observed similar performance in a previous Cinebench R23 leak, where the Ryzen 9 9900X falls behind the Core i7-14700K in the multi-core benchmark (even with PBO enabled). Hopefully, this is something the pre-launch firmware updates can improve upon. Otherwise, AMD might lose its foothold in the content creation/workstation segment in the coming years.

Via: Benchleaks.

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