AMD Ryzen 9000 “Zen 5” CPUs to Launch in Sept 2024, Before Intel 15th Gen Arrow Lake?

AMD will launch the Zen 5-based Ryzen 9000 processors in Q3 2024 alongside 192 core Epyc CPU. Youtuber “Moore’s Law is Dead” claims that AMD partners are prepping for a 500W Epyc server launch as early as September 2024. The source believes that Lisa Su will launch multiple Zen 5 lineups this fall, including the Ryzen 9000Granite Ridge” desktop and Epyc Turin server processors, this fall as a “show of force.”

Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S processors are allegedly scheduled for a late 2024 launch (December?), though it may be a paper launch. Like the Ryzen 9000 lineup, only the Arrow Lake desktop processors, including the Core i9-15900K and the i7-15700K, are expected this year. The notebook family will arrive in 2025.

The YouTuber’s sources claim that Arrow Lake will be at least 25% to 35% faster than Meteor Lake at the same core counts. The 15th Gen desktop family is rumored to feature up to 24 cores (8P + 16E), while Meteor Lake is limited to 14 (6P + 8E). On the iGPU side, Arrow Lake mobile will feature 8 Xe cores based on the Alchemist+ architecture, which is practically identical to Meteor. The whopper is that it will “attempt” to offer the same performance as the Core Ultra chips at half the power.

Here’s everything we know about the 15th Gen Arrow Lake and Ryzen 9000 processors:

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