AMD Ryzen Mobile Market Share Grew by 41% in Q3 2023 (YoY) as Server Unit Share Grew by 33%

AMD had a healthy third quarter as its Ryzen CPUs gained market share across all segments. Team Red’s Unit and Revenue shares both recorded positive gains throughout the quarter. The Epyc server and Ryzen mobile chips did exceptionally well this fall. The Ryzen notebook share (by revenue) grew by 31%, from 13.2% in Q2 to 17.3% by the end of Q3. Compared to last year, we saw a yearly gain of 41% as the Ryzen laptop share grew from 12.2% in Q3 2022 to 17.3% at the end of Q3 2023.

These numbers indicate that AMD sold more premium and high-end laptop chips this quarter and year compared to the last. At the same time, its unit sales also increased by 17% and 24% quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year, respectively. Ergo, Ryzen laptops sold more in quantity and quality (ASP) last quarter, conferring notable market share to the Red Team.

The desktop and DIY segment didn’t see much change from the last quarter but made major strides year on year. The Ryzen desktop CPU market share (by revenue) jumped 33.6%, from 12.2% in Q3 2022 to 17.3% in the last quarter. AMD’s unit market share also soared 38%, from 13.9% in the fall of 2022 to 19.2% this year. Like in the mobility segment, these numbers indicate wholesome ASP and unit share gains.

The Epyc server segment is AMD’s most important, accounting for a big chunk of its revenue and operating income. As the AI boom revolutionizes the technology sector, the Epyc and Instinct IPs will be instrumental in Team Red’s growth this decade. The Epyc server market share (by revenue) grew by 17% quarter-on-quarter to 29.4% while mostly remaining flat compared to the last year.

The AMD server market share (by unit) saw more movement, growing by 25% and 33% quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year, respectively. The unit share leaped from 17.5% in Q2 2023 and 18.6% in Q2 2023 to 23.3% at the end of the last quarter.

Via: TomsHardware.

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