AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 CPU Specs Leak Out: Up to 96 Cores, 128 PCIe 5.0 Lanes, and 8 Channel DDR5 Memory [Report]

The specifications of AMD’s next-gen Ryzen Threadripper processors have surfaced. Based on the Zen 4 core architecture and TSMC’s N5 process node, the 7000 series HEDT chips will offer vastly upgraded compute and I/O capabilities. The Storm Peak platform will be divided into Vanilla and PRO. The latter will come with advanced encryption and security technologies ideal for office workstations for a premium.

Up to 96 Pro & 64 normal.

Originally tweeted by All The Watts!! (@All_The_Watts) on December 19, 2022.

According to @All_The_Watts, the standard variants will top out at 64 cores like preceding generations, while the PRO lineup will feature up to 96 cores. We’re looking at twelve 5nm Zen 4 CCDs (compute dies) and a 6nm I/O die, making it a derivative of the Genoa top chip without the data-centric technologies.

AMD Storm Peak
September 2023
HEDT: 4 channel, 64 pcie gen5 lanes, 8 pcie gen3 lanes, support OC
WS: 8 channel, 128 pcie gen5 lanes, 8 pcie gen3 lanes, no OC for CPU&MEM

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The HEDT stack will feature quad-channel DDR5 memory support with 64 PCIe Gen 5 and 8 PCIe Gen 3 lanes. On the other hand, the Workstation class “PRO” CPUs will come with octa-channel memory support, 128 PCIe Gen 5, and 8 PCIe Gen 3 lanes. Operating System support will be limited to the former. The Storm Peak platform is slated for a Q3 2023 launch.

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