AMD was (Again) the Fastest Growing Fabless Chipmaker in Q2 as NVIDIA Slumps, Courtesy of Excess Stock

AMD continued its growth streak through the first half of 2022, outpacing rivals NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and MediaTek by a fat margin. With another remarkable year-on-year growth of 70% (in revenue), Team Red is on track to become the fastest-growing chipmaker for two years in a row. The contest between the top three wasn’t even close as Qualcomm and Marvell held the second and third positions respectively with YoY growth rates of 45% and 50%, respectively.


Overall, Qualcomm was the largest fabless chipmaker by revenue, followed by NVIDIA and AMD. The delta between the two rivals was as narrow as $500 million. While the industry suffered as a whole due to excess inventory, NVIDIA was easily the worst hit among the top five. Team Green recorded a spike of 103% in inventory levels, resulting in a severe drop in revenue. The second quarter revenue grew by a meager 20% YoY.

Qualcomm was more fortunate with a yearly revenue increase of 45% and inventory levels staying below 75% through the second quarter. AMD managed its inventory quite efficiently seeing a growth of 50% in inventory.

Areej Syed

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