AMD’s 128 Core Zen 5 Processors Leak Out: 192 Core Zen 5c Chips Coming Soon

AMD’s Zen 5 processors are set to launch in the second half of 2024. YuuKi_AnS has detailed the 128-core Epyc Turin server CPUs. These chips are expected to land in late 2024 with core counts of up to 192 Zen 5c and 384 threads for the cloud-centric Zen 5c variants, up from 128 on Zen 4c-based Bergamo. The mainstream P-core platform will top out at 128 Zen 5 cores and 256 threads, up from 96 on Zen 4-based Genoa.

The above figure represents the 128-core Epyc Turin CPU based on the Zen 5 “Nirvana” architecture. Up to sixteen 8-core CCDs with 32MB of L3 cache are paired with an I/O die supporting DDR5-6000 memory and Infinity Fabric Gen 3. PCIe Gen 5 and CXL 2.0 are among the supported bus protocols, with an integrated secure processor.

The Zen 5c (cloud) variant features twelve Zen 5c “Prometheus” CCDs, each packing 16 cores and 32MB of L3 cache. This adds up to 192 cores and 384 threads, with 384MB of L3 cache and an I/O die shared with the Turin family. The Epyc processors based on Zen 5 and Zen 5c are expected to leverage TSMC’s N3 (3nm) process node for added performance and efficiency.

The following Epyc Turin “Zen 5” processors have been confirmed by @Ditto_55:

  • AMD BREITHORN (codename).
  • 128C 16+1: 100-000001245.
  • 96C 12+1: 100-000001341.
  • 64C 8+1: 100-000001247.
  • 64C 8+1 WIDE: 100-000001342.

The Epyc Turin processors are expected to launch in the second half of 2024. Unlike Zen 4, Zen 5 is going to be a major upgrade with a restructured front-end, faster core interconnect, and higher clock frequencies. Intel’s Granite Rapids-SP will lock horns with Turin, while Sierra Forest/Clearwater Forest will tackle its Zen 5c variant.

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