AMD’s dGPU Market Share @ 4.1%, NVIDIA @ 20%, Intel’s iGPU Share at 62% [Q3 2021 Overall GPU Market Share]

The discrete GPU market has been primarily dominated by NVIDIA over the last few years, with AMD squeezing in at the budget and lower-end segments. Even with the launch of the RDNA 2-based Radeon RX 6000 series, the situation is heavily biased in NVIDIA’s favor due to limited supply and the cryptomining boom. German website 3DCenter has compiled a breakdown of the overall GPU market (stats from Jon Peddie Research), giving us an insight into the industry trend in recent years:

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Looking at the pie chart, it’s clear that Intel’s iGPUs still account for the vast majority of the overall PC GPU market. With an overwhelming majority of 62% (Intel HD Graphics) plus 13.9% (AMD Radeon), integrated graphics solutions made up for 76% of the PC GPU sales in Q3 2021. This may sound like a large figure, but it’s still a notable drop from what we’ve seen during pre-COVID times.

At the same time, it’s important to note that iGPUs don’t represent a separate product segment as they are part of the mainstream CPU market. The discrete GPU market isn’t much positive for AMD either. Team Radeon is continuing its 2-decade low run with a share of just 21% (vs 79% for NVIDIA) in Q3 2021. In hindsight, this is still the highest market the chipmaker has controlled since the third quarter of 2020.

Source: Twitter

Things should change quite drastically in the discrete GPU market in the coming year. With AMD shifting to a chiplet-based monster design, and NVIDIA more than doubling the graphics throughput, things are bound to heat up in this dynamic market. The introduction of Intel’s Arc “Alchemist” graphics cards will only complicate matters for the old rivals, pushing the number of competitors in the PC GPU space to three for the first time ever.

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