AMD’s GPU Market was Cut in Half Over the Last 12 Months, NVIDIA Enjoys Absolute Dominance

The PC market has been going through a tough time. Shipments of notebooks and AIO PCs have reduced drastically in the last 6-12 months. The DIY market is going through a similar recession. Graphics card AIB shipments were down by 12.6% this quarter, below the 10-year average of -4.9% (versus last quarter). Compared to last year, shipments were down by -38.2%, declining from 7.16 million to 6.3 million.

The dGPU market is largely dominated by NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX/GTX graphics cards. It was also hit the hardest as quarter-over-quarter desktop GPU shipments dropped by -15.2%. AMD, on the other hand, saw a decrease of -7.5% compared to the previous quarter.

NVIDIA ended the first quarter with a market share of 84%, up from 75% year-on-year, but down two points quarter-on-quarter. AMD’s graphics card share took quite the hit, halving in the last twelve months. Team Red commanded roughly a quarter of the AIB market last year but has now been reduced to just 12%.

In between all this bloodshed, Intel has secured a foothold in the dGPU market. The Arc A770 and A750 are currently some of the best budget graphics cards by value, beating similarly priced GeForce and Radeon offerings in newer DX12 titles. Consistent price cuts have kept the Arc Alchemist GPUs relevant, even with the launch of next-gen products.

As per JPR, Intel held a 2% share in the AIB market in the last quarter of 2022, which grew to 4% last quarter. If the Arc GPUs maintain a similar growth rate, they’ll soon rival AMD’s Radeon market share within a year or so.

Source: JPR.

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