AMD’s Graphics Card Market Share Gets Cut in Half as NVIDIA Accounts for ~90% of GPUs Sold

NVIDIA has been killing it in the PC gaming market. With its GeForce RTX 30 series cards, the chipmaker has dominated the GPU market throughout 2021 and 22. Although AMD has been investing more and more in its graphics division, there’s still plenty of catching up left to do. In fact, Q3 2022 has been one of the worst quarters for Team Radeon in recent years.

According to the latest report from Jon Peddie Research (via: WCCFTech), AMD’s discrete GPU market plummeted to single-digit figures in Q3 2022. NVIDIA ruled over the vast majority, accounting for 88% of all dGPUs sold in the PC market. On the other hand, AMD clung onto just 8% of the add-in GPU market.

Having a closer look at the discrete graphics market, it becomes evident that Team Green was the sole victor across both the desktop and notebook segments. In the former, NVIDIA’s share grew from 79% to 86% in Q3 as AMD declined to a mere 10%, half as much as in Q2.

The notebook market has traditionally favored NVIDIA and Intel, but AMD has made inroads into this lucrative segment thanks to a close-knit network of partners. That said, the chipmaker’s notebook sales have dropped across the board in the last two quarters. From accounting for 13% of the notebook dGPU market back in Q3 2021, Team Red has been reduced to just 5% in Q3 2022. Going by first-party figures, the RDNA 3 graphics architecture isn’t going to change much. AMD will continue to be the second choice for gamers, courtesy of inferior ray-tracing performance and lack of a DLSS 3 counterpart.

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