AMD’s Market Cap is Nearly Twice as Much as Intel: $266 Billion vs. $136 Billion

AMD’s stock price has fluctuated quite a bit, but the chipmaker is well on its way to becoming twice as valuable as rival Intel. Earlier this month, Team Red’s stock price hit a $211 high, increasing its market cap to nearly $300 billion, more than twice as much as Intel’s. The stock tumbled back to its prior price afterward, but AMD remains poised to overtake its rival in the semiconductor space.

  • AMD stock closed at $164.46 this weekend with a market cap of $265.82 billion, versus Intel’s paltry $31.85 stock and $135.50 billion market cap.
  • Intel stock started 2024 slightly below $50 and has continued to decline into the low $30s, with a market cap of $135.59 billion.

AMD’s Q1 2024 revenue was $5.5 billion, 2% higher than last year. The Data Center was the primary driving factor, complemented by healthy Client revenue. They were up 80% and 85% YoY, respectively.

Intel’s Q1 2024 revenue was $12.7 billion (excluding Intel Foundry), 9% higher than last year. The Client segment remains its primary growth driver, pulling in $7.5 billion, up 31% YoY. The Data Center business was flat, growing by a mere 5% to $3 billion as competition heats up.

Intel still pulls in more than twice the revenue as AMD (excluding foundry numbers), but if the current trend continues, it won’t be long before AMD one-ups Team Blue in revenue.

Areej Syed

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