AMD’s Notebook CPU Market Grew by 49%, Desktop by 30% in Last 2 Years

AMD’s CES 2022 keynote is now live. During the broadcast, CEO Dr. Lisa Su revealed that the last two years have been some of the best in the chipmaker’s 50-year old history. Since the launch of the Zen 2-based Ryzen 5000 desktop and Ryzen 4000 mobile processors, Team Red’s market share has jumped by 49% and 30% in the mobile and DIY segments.

Although AMD claims these gains are the combined increase in the chipmaker’s share across the CPU, and GPU markets, the latter has been largely negligible. More than 90% of the increase came from the increased adoption of Zen 2/Zen 3 Ryzen CPUs and APUs in the desktop and notebook markets. As revealed in Mercury’s latest report, AMD reached an overall share of 24.6% in the x86 market at the end of Q3 2021:

The sales in the client computing segment were key to driving market share gains, as seen this week in the latest Mercury Research Q3 2021 x86 CPU Market Share report:

  • AMD increased overall x86 unit share by 2.1 points quarter-over-quarter, resulting in share of 24.6 percent.
    • This is is the 2nd highest overall x86 share for the chipmaker, ever. AMD’s highest overall x86 share was 25.3% dating back to the fourth quarter of 2006.
  • AMD notebook x86 unit share, excluding IoT, was 22.0 percent, a new all-time high for AMD. This is a gain of 1.8 share points year-over-year.
  • AMD notebook revenue also hit an all-time high of 16.2 percent in the third quarter of 2021, increasing 1.3 share points Q-Q, and 3.9 share points Y-Y.
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Going by the above table from Mercury, you can see that the x86 CPU market share (by revenue) nearly doubled in the FY2021-22, seeing a growth of 4.1% and 4.7% in the client and server segments (overall +7.3%). This is the highest market capitalization AMD has seen in the consumer space since the last quarter of 2006.

Going by Steam’s figures, the number of gamers using AMD Ryzen CPUs has also pretty much doubled in the last two years, from 16% in December 2019 to 31% at the end of last month.

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