AMD’s Server CPU Market Share Crosses 30% for the First Time: Ryzen Unit Share Grows to 20%

AMD's server share grew to 31.1%, breaking the 30% barrier for the first time. The notebook revenue dipped 2.3% quarterly but grew 2.5% yearly.

The other day, we shared JPR’s quarterly CPU shipments report, which suggests that AMD lost some market share to Intel in the last quarter of 2024. The report claims that while consumer CPU shipments rose YoY and QoQ, the desktop market shrunk through the year. Mercury’s numbers are slightly different, as they paint a greener picture of AMD’s x86 CPU share. According to the firm, Team Red gained over 5% share in the server and 3.1% in the client segment.

AMD’s server unit share grew to 23.1% in Q4 2023, with similar gains in the client segments. Ryzen desktop and mobile CPUs became more popular in Q4, gaining 1.2% and 3.9% share year-on-year. Overall, AMD’s client CPU unit share grew by 3.1% to 20.2% over the previous year.

AMD’s revenue share was higher than its unit share, highlighting a renewed focus on premium high-margin products. Its server share grew 4% YoY to 31.1%, past the 30% mark for the first time. The client segment was mixed, as the notebook revenue share dipped 2.3% quarterly but grew 2.5% yearly. The Ryzen desktop CPU share grew 1.3% and 2.5% quarterly and yearly, respectively.

AMD’s desktop revenue share settled at 15.9%, while the mobility segment finished at 15%. Overall, this grants the Ryzen client segment a revenue share of 15.4%. These numbers indicate AMD’s server shipments grew only slightly in 2023 but were pricier. The client segment was more balanced, gaining both unit and revenue share over the previous year.

Mercury has just released the PC Processor Report – First Quarter, 2024 (AMD Q4,23) and noted that AMD gained significant server, desktop and notebook revenue share Y/Y driven by demand for 4th Gen EPYC and Ryzen 7000 series processors.

  • Server revenue share increased 4.0% points Y/Y and 1.1% Q/Q to a record 31.1%.  As we noted during our fourth quarter earnings call, we had record server revenue in the fourth quarter.
  • Client revenue share increased 2.0% points Y/Y.  Revenue share declined 1.6% Q/Q driven by mix shift.

Looking at unit share AMD gained both unit and revenue share Y/Y and Q/Q.

  • Server unit share increased 5.5% points Y/Y and declined 0.2% points Q/Q.
    • The Q/Q unit share decline reflects a larger number of our competitor’s server processors being sold into non-data center (for example workstation) applications and higher Atom shipments.
  • Client unit share increased 3.1% points Y/Y and 0.8% points Q/Q with share gains in both desktop and mobile.
Source: WCCFTech.

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