AMD’s Strix Point “big.LITTLE” APU to Pack 8+8 Cores and RDNA 3+ iGPU on TSMC 3nm [Rumor]

AMD is working on multiple hybrid core designs based on its Zen 4 and Zen 5 core architectures. In addition to Phoenix 2, which is set to launch next year, we’ve also got Strix Point. While the former is based on Zen 4 and its low-power variant, the latter will leverage the Zen 5 and Zen 4 dense cores. Furthermore, these APUs will come with different variants of RDNA 3 integrated graphics, with Strix allegedly set to feature RDNA 3+.

Strix Point is said to be the first true hybrid core design from AMD, packing up to eight performance and eight efficiency cores. RedGamingTech claims that three SKUs are being designed for the Strix Point lineup. The top-end variant will feature eight Zen 5 and eight Zen 4 dense cores alongside 32MB of L3 cache and eight RDNA 3+ WGPs or 1,024 shaders.

The second SKU will have four Zen 5 and eight Zen 4 dense cores. It’ll be paired with 16MB of L3 cache and four RDNA 3+ WGPs or 512 shaders. The last chip will sport two Zen 5 and four Zen 4 dense cores alongside 8MB of L3 cache and two WGPs which amounts to 256 shaders.

The integrated graphics on the flagship is said to run at 3GHz or more, offering FP32 precision performance of roughly 9 TFLOPs, comparable to the PlayStation 5. In addition to power efficiency and clock speed improvements, RDNA 3+ will apparently incorporate some of the features of RDNA 4. The APU will have a powerful memory controller supporting DDR5-6400 or LPDDR5X-8533 memory.

Interestingly, RGT claims that the flagship will be fabbed on TSMC’s 3nm node while the lower-end parts will be manufactured using the 4nm process to keep costs in check. Strix Point will likely land sometime in the latter half of 2024.

Source: RedGamingTech.

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