AMD’s “Zen 4” Epyc Genoa CPUs Up to 60% Faster than Intel’s Sapphire Rapids-SP Server CPUs [Rumor]

A fresh set of benchmarks of Intel and AMD’s next-gen server offerings have braced the web. Once again shared by YuuKi_AnS, we are looking at Cinebench R23 benchmarks of the Xeon Platinum 8470 (56-cores) and a 64-core Epyc Genoa, both running in a 2S configuration. Before we move on to the benchmarks, there is a catch (or two). Cinebench R23 can only load up to 256 threads while the Zen 4 Genoa pair features a ripping thread count of 384, indicating that the chip is far from its optimum utilization.


While the 112-core Xeon combo isn’t bottlenecked by utilization, it has its own issues. As per the source, it’ll be a while before Sapphire Rapids leaks are reliable. It’s unclear what kind of bugs we’re talking about here. It could be firmware, interconnect, tile-to-tile latency, etc. Either way, SPR is looking like another Ice Lake.

Coming to the benchmarks, the Epyc Genoa pair scores 110,0230 points with roughly 2/3rds of its threads in use while the Xeons manage just 68,548 points (multi-threaded benchmark). In the single-threaded benchmark, the AMD chips record 1302 points while the Sapphire Rapids-SP duo just manages to breach the 700-point mark. This is largely due to the low operating clocks on the former. The Zen 4 SKU runs at 3.76GHz under load with its rival being limited to 2.91GHz.

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