ASRock Preps Mobos for Intel’s 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S Refresh: High Power Draw Expected [Report]

ASRock has unveiled its new Phantom Gaming motherboard family, most notably the Z790 Nove featuring WiFi 7 and 5Gbps LAN support. Here’s the interesting bit. The vendor claims a cutting-edge power delivery system for the most power-hungry future CPUs. The ASRock Phantom Gaming Z790 Nova WiFi7 boasts a 20+1+1 SPS Dr.MOS VRM with 20K capacitors and a 2oz inner layer PCB for hefty I/O usage.

It also features a toolless M.2 heatsink design and tons of RGB. Alongside the Phantom Gaming lineup, the Taichi Lite series was also announced. Leveraging the Z790 and AMD’s B650E chipset, the Taichi Lite will have the same base specification as the original Taichi design: a 24-phase VRM for Vcore, USB4 Type-C, and Gen5 M.2 support.

It’ll compensate for the lower cost by cutting down on RGB and lighting. Focusing purely on features and performance, it’ll come with a much simpler design, allowing budget users to taste high-end I/O and overclocking.

Coming back to the Raptor Lake family, we expect Intel to make it part of the 14th Gen Core desktop family alongside the Meteor Lake-P mobility stack. Don’t expect drastic changes: A higher core clock out-of-the-box, higher TDPs, better overclocking support, and improved I/O capabilities. The Raptor Lake Refresh should hit retail sometime this fall.

Areej Syed

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