ASUS Retracts Statement: GPU Prices May Not Drop by 25% in Coming Months

The other day ASUS USA had indicated that its graphics cards would see a rather notable drop of (up to) 25% in the coming months. An understandable statement considering the state of the market but it turns out that that was just a wild guess. In a statement to ElChapuzasInformatico, the company has clarified that although GPU prices will likely keep on falling, we may not see a large drop of 25% anytime soon.

From Asus we want to make direct reference to the information published about the drop in prices of our graphics cards. In this sense, we want to point out that this information is wrong,” the company said in the statement it sent us.

We are at a time when the prices of this type of component are in the process of stabilizing, a trend that we have seen since the beginning of the year. Likewise, thanks to the recovery of world economies and logistics, their availability are in the same situation. Thus, in the coming months we will see, if everything continues as it is, a general decline in market prices. It is still early to see what the final price will be.

This is probably an attempt to avoid any untoward controversy as gamers have been quite sensitive to GPU prices as of late. Every little rumor or leak on a possible market tumble makes it to the front page. ( As such, we see this is as damage control by the higher-ups to curb any unnecessary confusion. Rest assured, we expect graphics card prices to continue falling and hit MSRPs by June 2022.

Via: ElCInfo

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