Basic Football Betting Tips

Whether you are totally new to the world of sports betting or have been around for a while, keeping it simple is never a bad thing. If you fall into the former camp, keeping things easy to understand is the best thing you can do when starting out.

If you’d like to get more involved in football betting, having a few simple suggestions can go a long way. Here’s what you need to know before you start putting money down on your preferred football wagers.

Start Small

If you are going to start out in football betting, make sure that you start small. In anything you do, starting out too hot can be a great way to find yourself on the losing end of things. Given how easy technology has made it to place bets, it can be all too easy to find yourself getting a little overzealous, placing several bets right off the bat.

Keep your bets minimal in both wager size and frequency. This way, you can manage what is in front of you and get a better feeling for how to choose your wagers. Consider the first several bets to be something of a learning experience that help you become better at choosing a winner in the future.

Narrow Your Focus

Keeping with the theme of keeping it simple, don’t just start betting on any league or game that comes to your attention. That is the fastest way to find yourself with nothing left in your bankroll, desperately in need of a new deposit.

When just starting with sports betting, try to keep your focus narrowed down. Stick with one sport, for starters. Within that realm, stick with the teams that you know more about because you are making something of an educated guess rather than a complete shot in the dark. No one, even the experts, knows every outcome, but you can arm yourself with the knowledge needed to cash in on a few wines.

Know How Often You Need to Win

While the most obvious short-term goal in betting is to pick a winner, there is a greater strategy at play. Start by keeping track of your bets. Look at your trends, wager amounts, and winnings or losses over a designated period of time. The more information you can work with, the better off you will be.

When the time comes, you will have a good idea of how often you will need to win in order to turn a profit. Betting favorites regularly makes it tougher to stay in the black, while a few carefully timed bets can put you way ahead of the game.

Know the Home Team Bias

When it comes to football, there is an inherent disadvantage to the road team known as the home team bias. Generally speaking, the home team will get 3 points against the line for simply enjoying the hometown advantage. For larger lines, it might not make that big of a difference, but it can wind up making things a lot tougher when games are more closely contested.

For instance, a team may be the favorite on a neutral field and then drop to +2 when traveling. It is important to look at those home-field biases when considering your bet for the game. Look into any trends to find out how each team is playing on the road and use that to make your pick. Anything can happen when you place a wager, so the more care you take when it comes to preparation, the better and more sure you will be of your picks.

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