CBD for Gaming: Study Says CBD May Help Boost Cognitive Performance

Gamers are always looking for new ways to improve their energy and stamina, and a CBD boost could potentially replace your GFuel. If you’ve bought marijuana seeds (find your strain here), the fruits of your labor may help your session.

Much like the gaming community, CBD is booming, interest is growing, and researchers are making incredible discoveries about the cannabis plant’s benefits. 

Whether you’re a veteran or a noob, you stand to gain the upper hand by learning more about how this extract can benefit gamers. 

Discover the possible benefits of using CBD to get the most out of your next gaming session.

Benefits of using CBD oil for gaming 

Neuroimaging studies revealed that tests on healthy subjects showed increased cognitive functions, such as verbal learning and emotional processing. Here are some of the potential benefits researchers discovered that may be helpful for gamers:  

Language memory

For the average person, this potential benefit of CBD use means no more tripping over your words. It may prevent you from getting stuck trying to finish a sentence when the thought is on the tip of your tongue. 

With the right dose, you can improve the retrieval of explicit memory for everyday speech. 

For gamers, improved language memory means a big help in team games, like squad shooters or cooperative sports and obstacle rush selections. 

Every callout counts, and using CBD for games may assist in your memory’s ability to get words out at pivotal moments.

Emotional processing

CBD may hold a correlation between emotional reaction and fear. It might give people better control over their emotions, spatial attention, and decision-making.

For most people, this can significantly improve day-to-day activities and experiences in the work environment. 

For those who live to game, these findings may bring bountiful benefits for every title you play. Almost every selection on any platform relies on your spatial awareness and decision-making abilities. 

An added advantage for gamers is emotional regulation. Some players tend to get riled up and even throw their precious controllers when playing popular Xbox games.

With CBD involved, gamers may level up in skill and emotional maturity. If you’re hotheaded, you could experience fewer outbursts and react better to losing. 

Auditory and visual processing

Does CBD slow reaction time? On the contrary, it may increase responses to auditory and visual stimuli resulting in an overall focus boost. 

Many people would greatly benefit from something that could improve their ability to concentrate. 

If you’re working long hours or have to process a lot of information, then cannabidiol could be your best friend. 

Gamers can milk CBD’s advantages the most when it comes to visual and auditory processing. 

Many games stimulate your ability to watch and listen, whether it be an important storyline, the footsteps of an approaching enemy, or a timed puzzle. 

As a gamer, using CBD may improve your hearing and vision. Your reactions to information may become faster, and it might boost your reflexes. It could be a definite game-changer. 

Potential disadvantages of using CBD oil when gaming 

While CBD use has some possible disadvantages, it’s usually well-tolerated. Serious reactions may occur if you’re allergic to the compounds or have other severe health conditions like liver failure. Here are some of the potential negative CBD effects on the brain and body:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Drowsiness 
  • Fatigue

While these can be pretty inconvenient side effects, they are mild. Being mindful of your dosage lowers the possibility of any adverse reactions.

Best games to enjoy with CBD oil

  • Apex Legends: A popular battle royale shooter that’ll have your reflexes, perception, and communication skills pushed to their limits. With a possible boost of focus and memory from CBD, you can make, hear, and react to those callouts even faster. In Apex Legends, you’re likely to lose more often than win, so keeping calm is vital. 
  • FIFA: One of the biggest sporting titles available. This soccer game strongly relies on reflexes and spatial awareness. You might move from amateur to pro overnight with the correct dose of CBD. 
  • Fall Guys: A fun obstacle course game similar to Wipeout that tests your attention, spatial awareness, and puzzle-solving skills. Watch as beams swing at your head, the floor falls beneath your feet, and other players attempt to drag you down. With the possible added benefits of CBD, you could become a boosted gamer and rise above the rest. 
  • Minecraft: The highest-selling game to date and full of exploration, puzzles, crafting, and of course, mining. This game relies a lot on memory and decision-making. With the right dose of CBD, you may experience intense focus to build the world of your dreams. 
  • Dark Souls III: One of the most challenging games to come out in the past decade. It boasts an incredible storyline. This game will have you pushing yourself to master the combination attacks and remember the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies. Use some CBD, and you may improve your focus, memory, and chances of victory. 

Tips for using CBD oil 

Achieving the correct dosage for CBD is crucial, as too little could prove ineffective, and too much might knock you out. To find the perfect amount, consider these four factors: 

  • The reason you’re using it: In this case, for gaming and concentration.
  • Your body weight: A higher body weight requires bigger doses.
  • Individual body chemistry: Any illnesses or specific things about your body, like high tolerance.
  • The concentration of CBD in the product and the absorption rate: High CBD gummies may be potent but can take up to 45 minutes to absorb into your bloodstream. 

You can calculate your required amount using these four factors, consult a doctor or budtender, or follow the recommended dosage. 

Start with around 20–40 mg and see if that helps your focus during gaming. Gradually raise it by 5 g until you find the sweet spot. 

Knowing when to take it is also crucial. If you’re using a dropper, take the tincture under your tongue, and it should take effect immediately or within 15 minutes. 

If you’re consuming CBD via edibles, take it at least 30 minutes before your game. Edibles usually take the longest to kick in, but their effects may last up to eight hours. 

When smoking CBD weed, you feel the effects almost immediately. It may take up to 20 minutes for some people. 


A CBD boost pre-game may help you focus, improve spatial awareness, and keep calm and fair better in both team and solo play. It might help you with faster callouts and sharpen your reflexes which is crucial for games like Minecraft or FIFA

The side effects of CBD in healthy people are minimal, and if you get the dosage correct, you likely won’t experience any adverse reactions. Start with smaller amounts until you find the perfect dose to improve your gaming sessions.

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