Console Sales Put AMD’s GPU Sales Nearly on Par with NVIDIA’s Gaming Revenue in Q4 2022

NVIDIA has a near monopoly in the gaming PC market with its GeForce RTX graphics cards (and some older GTXs). AMD’s GPU market share has faltered in the last 4-5 years as the company ditched the high-end enthusiast market, starting with the RDNA family. Luckily for Team Red, its GPU architectures are highly scalable, powering a wide range of devices from consoles to PCs to mobiles.

This was clearly reflected in the Q4 earnings results of the two archrivals. Alongside the Data Center, Gaming was AMD’s primary income source, with net revenue of $1.64 billion last quarter. This was down just 7% YoY as the operating income dropped to just $266 million, a drop of 35% YoY.

NVIDIA’s gaming revenue for the last quarter of 2022 came in at $1.83 billion, up from $1.57 billion in Q3. Ergo, Team Green has a lead of only $200 million over its Red rival. It’s worth noting that NVIDIA’s Gaming revenue primarily includes GeForce sales and the Nintendo Switch SoC, with a little bit from the GeForce NOW streaming service.

On the other hand, AMD’s revenue comprises console sales (previous and next-gen Xbox and PlayStation), Steam Deck sales, Galaxy “Exynos 2200” smartphone sales, and of course, the Radeon discrete GPU sales. However, unlike high-end dGPUs, the profit margins for most of these units are relatively small, explaining the meager operating income. Unfortunately, we don’t have the income figures for NVIDIA’s Gaming segment to compare, so we’ll leave it at that.

Via: HXL

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