Cryptocurrency Farm w/ 3,800 PS4s, 500 Graphics Cards, and 50 CPUs Raided in Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities have seized a large cryptomining farm with nearly 5,000 mining devices, including game consoles, processors, and graphics cards. The farm was set up (illegally) in one of the abandoned buildings of JSC “Vinnitsaoblenergo”. According to raiding officers, the cryptocurrency farm was the brainchild of residents from Kyiv and Vinnytsia who used subterfuge to mask the increased power draw of the warehouse.

Preliminary estimates put the losses from the illegal use of electricity at the farm between 5 to 7 million UAH. This could lead to serious consequences for the region, with the entirety of Vinnytsia risking a major power outage. Law enforcement authorities have registered criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 188-1 (theft of water, electricity, or heat by its unauthorized use) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

During the raid, the following items were seized:

  • 3800 game consoles;
  • more than 500 graphics cards;
  • 50 processors;
  • draft documentation on accounting for electricity consumption;
  • notebooks, phones, flash drives.

Law enforcement authorities are conducting an investigation to track down the culprits and verify if officials of JSC Vinnytsiaoblenergo were involved in the theft.


Areej Syed

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