Denovo Released Patches for Alder Lake CPUs Ahead of Launch: Denovo MD

A while back, Intel released the list of games incompatible with its new Alder Lake processor on account of featuring third-party anti-tamper protection algorithms like Denovo. However, it looks like the DRM supplier has been ahead of the action, already providing game developers with the necessary patches to make their titles work flawless with Intel’s hybrid core processors.

Denuvo has been working closely with Intel, as we do with other hardware providers, to verify that all our security features are working as expected and test the compatibility with their newest CPUs. It is essential to highlight that almost all game titles using the Denuvo technology will work out of the box with the Alder Lake CPU.

Suppose you are a fan of older games. In that case, a very limited number of affected titles would need to be re-protected and patched to ensure compatibility with Intel’s latest processors. In rare cases, compatibility issues may result in a crash, sometimes hours within the gameplay. Denuvo already contacted each publisher of the affected game titles and provided patches for those titles to be compatible with Alder Lake ahead of its release.

We are confident that publishers of the few affected titles are working on releasing updates that address this incompatibility as soon as possible.

Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Managing Director, Denuvo (Via: PCGamer)

According to Reinhard Blaukovitsch (Managing Director of Denuvo), most games will work with Alder Lake CPUs out of the box. Only a few titles are affected and need to be patched to ensure compatibility with the new processors. As per the Managing Director of Denovo, the company contacted each of its partners ahead of the Alder Lake launch, providing them with the necessary patches.

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